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Rotoflexi coupling features all the characteristics of an elastic coupling and maintains construction simplicity and low cost.
Its main features are:

  • the possibility to replace the elastic element radially without remove and misalign the transmission, this increases the rapidity of intervention in case of replacement with saving of maintenance costs
  • high capacity to resist against shocks and overloads
  • high capacity to reduce vibrations between equipment
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • electrical isolation between driver and driven side

Rotofluid CA

CA Hydraulic Coupling with annular delay chamber in addition to maintaining the many benefits of Rotofluid standard fluid coupling, thanks to its design (large delay chamber and annular chamber), has the following main features:

  • Start systems with high inertia value
  • Reduce significantly the driving torque in the starting phase
  • Limit significantly the absorbed current during start-up of the machine

Rotofluid K

Rotofluid is a mechanical component, designed to transmit torque from the drive (Motor ) to the driven part (machine), using oil as vector of force. Composed by a driving part (pump), a driven part (Turbine), mounted on main shaft and an alignment coupling.
Due to its operating the Rotofluid coupling, brings the following advantages to the transmission:

  • Easy start-up with soft acceleration of the driven component
  • Reduction of current peaks during start-up procedure
  • Torque limitation in case of overload
  • Protection of the driven machine in case of sudden stop


The hydromechanical coupling Rotomec contains all the characteristics of a hydraulic coupling, with the addition of a centrifugal coupling. The first stage acts as a starter (see hydraulic couplings); after the hydraulic stage, the centrifugal part operates as a clutch, eliminating the slip between the driving motor and driven machine.