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Aluminium right angle gearboxes ZL

ZL series right angle gears are not heavy and are silent functioning.
The one house piece in aluminium is strong, the gears are Gleason and the bearings are overrated as well.
The backlash is 15’-30’ and they are filled with lubricant for all the mounting positions.
These right angle gears are available with 3 fixing flange, 3 or 4 locking through holes on the body, 2 or 3 shafts and ratio 1-2-3.
Ratio: Min 1/1 – Max 1/2
Torque (Nm): Min 1,1 – Max 42
Power (Kw): Min 0,08 – Max 6,5

Bevel helical gearboxes O

This range of products is extremely robust due to the single piece, cast housing, which, combined with the technical choice to have 3 reduction stages, places the product at the high-end of the market in terms of quality and performance.
Available options:
– the backstop device that prevents backdriving in case of incline conveyors;
– the shrink disk for rigid and accurate mounting also with many start-up/hour;
– the taper bushing joint interchangeable with easy disassembling.

Electric motors and Brake

IEC normalized motors comply with all the applicable international standards, including the EMC and LV Directives.
The power supply could be three phase with IE1, IE2 and IE3 efficiency class or single phase.
The motors have alluminium casing and they are available in the foot B3 and in the flange B5 and B14 mounting versions, single and dual pole versions and with negative brake options offered.
Finally, all motors are inverter duty (with auto ventilation for low speed).

EX High torque planetary gearboxes

The new range of planetary gearboxes establishes a new standard on the
market to refer to. The design provides high performance with compact
dimensions and it is suitable for a wide range of applications where a
reliable transmission is needed. A wide choice of ratios and above all the
availability of numerous intermediate sizes enable the EX range to offer a
truly complete answer to the needs of heavy duty applications. The best
solution for superior performance.

EX Planetary gearboxes

The units of the EX series are compact and yet extremely powerful.
Their planetary drive train makes them the ideal choice for all the severe
duty applications where shock loadings and impacts are more the rule
than the exception.

High torque bevel helical gearboxes RXO/800

The new range of bevel helical gearboxes sets a new standard in the market, having adequate sizing which ensures constant and optimum reliability in the toughest working conditions. This range is an effective response to the power transmission needs of medium-heavy and heavy industry. To complete the range, we also made the same gearboxes with very low ratios, leaving them free to be used in a wide range of applications.

Ratio: Min 1/4,39 – Max 1/4839
Torque (Nm): Min 1100 – Max 692000
Power (Kw): Min 0,12 – Max 2312

Import electric motors VL

High quality and compactness are among the main characteristics you will enjoy when selecting our new three phase VELA electric motors.
The casings are in alluminium up to size 132 and in cast iron from size 160.
The mounting versions are B3-B5-B14 and are also inverter duty (with auto ventilation for low speed).
All the motors are available in IE1, IE2 and IE3 efficiency class.

inline gearboxes

The design of this range of gear units is based on one body piece casting giving increased rigidity. This allows the application of high loads without risks of deformation which might negatively affect technical performances. The particular internal shape of the body directs the oil flow in a way to reach all moving parts while reducing noise levels and improving sealing tightness. Another new feature is the modular output flange that allows a great versatility of application.
Ratio: Min 1/2.4 – Max 1/301.2
Torque (Nm): Min 12 – Max 4300
Power (Kw): Min 0,03 – Max 88,97

Mechanical speed variators

The main costruction and functional features of this product, that increase its versatility, are the integral motor flange to the housing and the completely modular structure for the output flange and the feet: these features allow to reduce the dimensions and the stock warehouse improving and increasing the flexibility and overall economicity.

Right angle gearboxes Z

right angle gears make the difference for the favourable relation between power/dimension and for the possibility of a silent and regular working, also at high speed.
One body piece in cast iron with all the external faces machined, the gears are Gleason and the bearings are overrated as well.
The modular construction of our Z right angle gears permits us to mount up to six input/output shafts (except ratio 1/1).
All these features place our products on top of this sector.
Ratio: Min 1/1 – Max 1/5
Torque (Nm): Min 8,9 – Max 2109
Power (Kw): Min 0,46 – Max 325


Rotoflexi coupling features all the characteristics of an elastic coupling and maintains construction simplicity and low cost.
Its main features are:

  • the possibility to replace the elastic element radially without remove and misalign the transmission, this increases the rapidity of intervention in case of replacement with saving of maintenance costs
  • high capacity to resist against shocks and overloads
  • high capacity to reduce vibrations between equipment
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • electrical isolation between driver and driven side

Rotofluid K

Rotofluid is a mechanical component, designed to transmit torque from the drive (Motor ) to the driven part (machine), using oil as vector of force. Composed by a driving part (pump), a driven part (Turbine), mounted on main shaft and an alignment coupling.
Due to its operating the Rotofluid coupling, brings the following advantages to the transmission:

  • Easy start-up with soft acceleration of the driven component
  • Reduction of current peaks during start-up procedure
  • Torque limitation in case of overload
  • Protection of the driven machine in case of sudden stop


The hydromechanical coupling Rotomec contains all the characteristics of a hydraulic coupling, with the addition of a centrifugal coupling. The first stage acts as a starter (see hydraulic couplings); after the hydraulic stage, the centrifugal part operates as a clutch, eliminating the slip between the driving motor and driven machine.

Skew bevel helical gearboxes

The low power bevel helical gearbox range, which was unavailable until today, is now ready by means of a brand new type of gearbox,
for which mechanical system S.T.M. has been given the copyright.
This very new and innovative gearbox relies on helical gears with oblique shafts and puts together in a single conception the economical cost (typical of worm gearboxes) and high efficiency (typical of bevel helical gearboxes with right angle pair).
The 3 sizes being planned cover a torque range ranging from 100 Nm to 250 Nm and will supply every application: the best product to optimise ratio torque/cost.

Worm gearboxes R

The company has decided to update its main product by adding three innovative principles: two are technical and one is commercial.
All aluminium components are die casted (from size 28 to size 70) to increase resistance to torsional and structure flexibility.
ZI teething profile (section and involute) has been adopted to increase efficiency and silentness.
Finally, a modular attachable output flange (FL) has been adopted to increase flexibility.
New ideas to approach a bigger market together: first, since 1987, with the patent of the torque limiter built inside our standard gearbox.
Ratio: Min 1/5 – Max 1/100
Torque (Nm): Min 10 – Max 2103
Power (Kw): Min 0,01 – Max 31,61

Worm gearboxes u

The body has been designed in order to optimize the heat dissipation and to simplify the cleaning of it, even in the most difficult environmental conditions.Ratio: Min 1/7 – Max 1/100
Torque (Nm): Min 26 – Max 638
Power (Kw): Min 0,04 – Max 10,01

worm gearboxes W

Their heavy-duty and reliable structure can rely on modular accessories availability, such as output shaft, torque arm and protection cover.
The gearbox cubic shape ensures a fixing universality and allows a great modularity and an easy management of the components in stock.
Sizes from 25 to 90 are in aluminum, while sizes from 110 to 150 are in cast iron and all of them are blue painted.
Ratio: Min 1/7.5 – Max 1/100
Torque (Nm): Min 10 – Max 1550
Power (Kw): Min 0,04 – Max 25,5